Cougars and Sexting

By on May 8, 2013

Sexting is a new type of flirting that is becoming more popular as our phones become smarter. The way that we used to talk to people is changing and so are the ways that we flirt so rather than keeping most of our communication through voice, we tend to communicate a lot through text-based messaging as well. The most popular version of text-based flirting is sexting which is basically the sending of erotic pictures or statements through emails or text messages. With most phones these days having enough power to match the laptops of yesteryear, people are getting more into sexting as time passes.

It’s no wonder that this is becoming more popular within age gap relationships too. We’re all getting so busy and the world is moving at a break neck speed compared to how it moved even twenty years ago. People can just get too busy to meet in person and there are some people who would just rather have a bunch of people they could just have sex with in the online forum without ever having to leave the comfort of their own house. It allows people to try out the fantasy of something as well without ever having to commit to doing it off of their phones while curbing some of the sexual urges that they have.

One of the best parts about sexting is how personal it is. Pornography can seem impersonal, especially the pornography which is trying to cater to a wider audience. Sex through sexting will allow Cougars and their cubs to have an intimate experience even if they’re on other sides of the world.

Surveys have shown that women are more likely to sext than males. Some surveys list the numbers as high as 60% for women who sext while males tend to be closer to 50%. Whether it is because males feel like they have more to prove in terms of how they perform even in sexting and it makes them uncomfortable or just because women like reading their sex rather than seeing it, women love to sex with an abandon.

As sexting becomes more of a norm between couples, it is becoming more and more integrated into the dating process as a new type of flirting. Sending explicit photos or sexually suggestive texts have become a new way to get your groove on and also to test the bedroom creativity of your partner without expending much in the way of effort. It does not require face to face contact or being on the phone with someone if you don’t have the time and this gives you the chance to respond to your texts at your leisure. So don’t worry about your mind going blank or not performing up to par because you have the time to run through what you really want to say. You can even google a good erotic fiction if you’d like, but we’d only suggest using it for ideas. Writing style can give someone away even for the best texts.

So here are a few tips to make this process a bit easier on you and sexting more enjoyable.

1. Write legible sexts. While no one is really going to get on your case if you misspell a word or two, there is little that is less appealing than trying to turn your phone this way and that in order to try to make out what your partner is trying to say. Having to think too much about what you want to read while you’re sexting will diminish the pleasure that receiving a sext entails and won’t reflect well on you.

2. Do not go kinky first. Just like you wouldn’t start a date by spanking your date with a paddle, you don’t want to start sexting with anything off the top of your head. It can be easier to forget that our words still have real world implications. So follow the signals that your partner is giving rather than focusing on your own fantasies.

3. Don’t be too vanilla. Yes, yes, we know. This seems counterproductive after the last one, but we just mean don’t do the same thing all the time. You can (slowly) explore your fantasies on them, so don’t be afraid to go a teensy bit wild. Maybe talk about doing it in a different location or different way.

4. Don’t spam. If someone is taking too long to reply, you can send another message asking a question as to why they’re held up. Do not and we repeat, do not, send the same damn text over and over again. We will respond to you when we have time to respond to you.

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