Ways To Have More Intimate And Fun Oral Sex

By on July 3, 2013
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After a while, oral sex is going to get boring. None of us are going to deny that happens because we’ve all felt it, but if you’re clever when it comes to your oral copulations, you’ll never get bored.

The trick, children, is to not stick with one type of oral sex or a single method of doing it all the time.

Another key thing that you need to do is transform your regular oral sex routine into something which is laden with much more intimacy. Now I know that all the cougars and the cubs who are reading this right now might be asking why, or at least the cubs might.

Intimacy simply is about how close you are to someone and there have been studies which have stated that being closer to someone or having a certain level of closeness makes you more likely to enjoy your sex life with them. Our members have also said that intimacy or certain levels of it make the sex feel more satisfying and intense.

In short, we could all do with a little more intimacy in our lives, but it’s easy to get distracted from that intimacy. Practice makes perfect though and you can make intimacy as natural as breathing by following these steps.

Give your cougar or cub all of your attention. If you want to make the other feel perfect then you’re going to want to spend some time on them. The intimacy that you feel can’t exactly be achieved in a quickie so take care of your cougar or cub before you even get to the sexy part. Maybe get them a glass of wine and rub their feet or even just sit down beside them so you two can cuddle and talk about your days.

You don’t want to make oral sex into a chore for either of you. When you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood and your cub will understand. The first step to having good intimacy is not to force if you’re not feeling it because the reluctance that you’re feeling will kill the mood for your cougar or cub as well. Wait until you’re really feeling like having oral sex and don’t worry about being honest about it. If they don’t understand then maybe they’re not someone you should be with anyway.

Don’t pull away the instant they cum. There’s something incredible about keeping that moment going. When you’re done with sex, don’t roll away right away, just stay like that and let the feeling go on. You want to give them the complete oral sex experience so even if you haven’t reached your own orgasm, just stay with them and let them enjoy their afterglow. You’re going to get your turn to cum like nobody’s business, but there’s no need to hurry so just slow things down a little.

Don’t sixty nine all the time. We love having 69. Don’t get us wrong since pleasuring each other at the same time is a wonderful thing, but you’re going to want to take turns so you can focus on what you’re going to be doing. Your cougar or cub will get a chance to relax and enjoy themselves that much more and this is going to send their pleasure through the roof. Plus, if you’re not getting serviced yourself you’ll be able to do a better job of picking up any signals that they might be giving.

It’s all in your eyes, baby. Eye contact is something which is potent and mesmerizing as well as a perfect way to show your desire for someone else. Show your cougar or cub that you’re paying attention by looking right up at them. Then they’ll know that you are thinking only about them.

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