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3 Tips for Cubs Who Want To Date Sugar Mommas

    There are a good chunk of cubs who would love to have a sugar momma in their life, but you need to keep in mind that sugar mommas don’t grow on trees.

    It sounds simple, right? Not all cougars are going to be a sugar momma, just like not all cubs have their lives sorted out at the age of 25. Still, there are some cubs who don’t think that they should have to put in much effort or time to find the sugar momma they’ve always wanted and these are the cubs that are going to be missing out when they’re looking for a mature woman to date.

    Sugar mommas are a breed of their own—wealthy older women who are willing to financially support their cub of choice.

    This generally means that they’re looking for someone to have fun with. Sugar mommas have all the money and seriousness that they could possibly need in their lives, and as a cub you don’t want to add more seriousness to that. Sugar mommas can be the wildest and most fun time you’ve ever had while dating, but you need to put the work in.

    A sugar momma or cougar isn’t going to support a cub just so they can be lazy.

    So what do you have to do in order to have a sugar momma?

    1) Put in the time to search.
    You’re not going to have a sugar momma just magically find you. This isn’t a fairy tale. You need to do some research and you need to put some money in. If you don’t have a nice suit or something to catch the eye of the sugar momma that you want to date, then you might be out of luck. After all, sugar mommas are not looking for a reverse Pretty Woman scenario. Generally, they’ll want you to already have at least some things figured out before they even step into the picture.

    2) Get groomed.
    If you’ve been slacking on certain habits then you’re going to need to fix that. For example, if you’re completely against manscaping of any kind, have un-groomed facial hair, or your clothes are regularly wrinkled, then you’re going to have a hard time finding a sugar momma for yourself. If you’re not willing to take care of yourself and go a little bit further, then why should she put in any extra effort to take care of you?

    3) Know where the lines are.
    This isn’t your regular relationship where there’s more push and pull. With a sugar momma relationship, it’s more of an arrangement than anything else. That means that she’s the one who sets the rules and that if you want to stay in the arrangement, you should adhere to them. Cubs who are set on being the dominant partner and in control of a relationship, should look elsewhere.

    Sugar mommas aren’t the types to be bossed around by anyone.

    If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a sugar momma on, you need to treat her like the goddess she is so that while you’re keeping her happy, she’s keeping you happy.

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