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6 Easy Ways to Make The Best Profile

    So you’ve joined Cougar Life and had a look around. Welcome! It’s tempting to jump in and start messaging people, but the single biggest thing that will lead you to dating success is a complete profile.

    So many people are so eager to get started on the site that they either write in hasty answers or leave fields completely blank. These profiles may be ignored by users who devoted time to a complete their profile and want the same. Don’t get passed over.

    If your only curious about seeing who’s on Cougar Life, a non-complete profile will work fine. Serious about finding someone? In that case, your profile is incredibly important and you owe it to yourself to devote a little time and thought to creating a complete profile. You’re a catch and your Cougar Life profile should reflect your awesomeness.

    Nail that Nickname

    The first hurdle to creating your profile is to come up with a memorable nickname. Everyone you reach out to will associate you with your nickname so make it a reflection of what you’re looking for and who you are. In the interests of privacy, definitely don’t use your name, but feel free to make reference to your favourite movie or band.

    The suggestive “69” or “milf-hunter” can be seen as quite aggressive by Cougars who are interested in casual let’s-see-where-this-takes-us dating, but if no-strings sex is what you’re looking for then be honest and go for it. Usually, though, these mentions of sex come off as crass and you could miss out on a lot of connections because they’re turned off by these aggressively suggestive names.


    Located just under your nickname, your tagline is a great place to intrigue someone to actually visit your profile. It’s a opportunity to get creative, as it’s a one-liner that adds to who you are.

    One of the biggest turnoffs is coming across a profile with “I’ll fill this out later.” So put some thought and wit into it and you’ll entice people to read through your profile, look at your photos, and send you that message. Not sure what to say? Look to your favourite song lyrics for inspiration.

    Another tip? Think about the articles that you click on the most when you’re scrolling through your feed. It’s the catchy headline that grabs your attention, so think of your tagline as that catchy headline that will draw people to you.

    Quality Over Quantity

    Your profile should tell people enough about you to pique their interest, but not become a rambling essay. Leave them wanting more instead of trying to slog through it. Attention spans, especially online, are shorter than ever, so keep your profile under three paragraphs and save the juicy bits for later.

    • Explain what makes you fun or adventurous instead of simply saying that you’re “fun” or “adventurous.” Mention your favourite restaurant, an experience that took your breath away, or make them laugh with something that’s a well thought out and witty profile. Instead of saying “I love to make people laugh,” actually make them laugh with your profile—not at it.
    • Don’t just list adjectives. Describe what makes you a happy person, what you’re passionate about recently, or why your favourite book speaks to you. Instead of saying that you’re “happy,” “passionate,” or “smart,” prove it.
    • Steer clear of the depressing conversation. Mentioning past disappointments or break-ups could be definite mood killer for your potential partner. Keep things light, optimistic, and cheerful.

    Your profile is your Cougar Life CV. You wouldn’t list bad workplace experiences on a résumé, so don’t define yourself by negativity.

    Picture Perfect

    There’s a reason that apps employ swiping technology based on pictures to create matches. People are looking for someone that they’re attracted to. If you’re profile has a blank photo, people could overlook you—and that’s the last thing we want. Don’t worry about being the most photogenic, having a clear shot of you smiling is all it takes to increase the amount of responses your well-crafted messages will get.

    Not everyone is looking for a supermodel. Just make sure that your photo clearly displays who you are. Get a friend to take a photo of you, and try to stay away from the mirror selfies.

    In addition, men on Cougar Life who have a photo can send their first three free messages, and guests with a photo can request access to other people’s private photos. 

    Be Honest!

    Everyone embellishes a little on their profile, but if you describe yourself as 6’4” when you’re 5’11” your date will notice the moment you show up. Don’t start a relationship with a lie—it won’t win you any points.

    Be honest about who you are, what you like, what interests you, and what you’re looking for on Cougar Life. This will ensure that you attract someone who you can be yourself with and that you can actually connect with.

    You Can Get What You Want

    Mick Jagger sang “You can’t always get what you want,” but at Cougar Life we think you really can if you come right out and ask for it. Don’t be shy on your profile. Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship, an older woman to teach you the ropes in the bedroom, or a younger man to bring some excitement back into your life, say so! Confidence can be super sexy, so go for it.

    Who and what you’re looking for is one of the most important sections in your profile. Describing the kind of person that you’re looking for doesn’t hurt either, just steer clear of body shaming! Instead, think about the traits that you’re looking for in another person. Are you looking for a non-conformist, someone to adventure with, or someone who will challenge you to meet your goals? Speak up and say so.

    Once you’ve got these basics down, you’re ready to start looking. Browse through available Cougars or Cubs in your area and then message someone that looks interesting. If you’re concerned about your safeguarding your identity online, check out our security and privacy tips and hen get out there!

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