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Be the Best Date Ever; Turn Off Your Phone

    In this ever-connected era, it can sometimes be hard to disconnect and focus on the things that are right in front of you.

    According to the Pew Research Center, 95% of American adults owned a cellphone in 2016, and a 2015 poll found that 90% of cell phone owners say they “frequently” have their cell phone with them. With one out of three of people saying that they get anxious without their phone, it’s no surprise that people are constantly checking them.

    The Pew Research Center 2015 poll found that 36% of cellphone users say that they at least occasionally use their phones to find information on the people they are planning to meet.

    Your phone can play an important role in your relationship. From finding your next date on Cougar Life, keeping in touch, and even igniting that spark through sexy messages, daily phone use can add to your life and help keep you connected if you keep a few things in mind.

    There are some simple things to remember about cell phone etiquette that can make or break your relationship.

    When to put it away:

    According to Pew, 82% of adults say that people using their cellphones in social gatherings hurts the atmosphere. Pulling your phone out of your pocket or purse can interrupt the flow of conversation or leave people feeling like what they’re saying is not important.

    If you’re at a party and talking in a group, or sitting across from your date at a restaurant, consider putting the phone away and focusing the attention on who you’re with. Conversations will be more meaningful and everyone will feel included.

    And for Pete’s sake, don’t be like the one-in-five 18-34 year-olds who have used their smartphones during sex. Unless it’s for an app- controlled vibrator, put it away.

    When to bring it out:

    There are some acceptable times to use your phone out in a way that it can actually contribute to the conversation.

    • Take a picture—Pictures are a great way to show that you’re super into who you’re with. Not only do you want to save the memory of the event, but sharing images on social media (with your honey’s permission) can establish the importance of a relationship with someone. And who doesn’t love the joy of being shown off to the world? Just make sure that it’s intermittent and that you’re not bombarding your cougar or cub with selfies at all times of the day.
    • Share something that happened in messages—When the majority of our conversations happen through text, getting some second opinions on a recent argument or discussion makes it handy to pull out our phones to show them the exact wording of the exchange. As with all things, exercise discretion and judgment.
    • Look up information—When was the last time you couldn’t remember the name of that hot actor, the movie you wanted to see, or that new restaurant that would be perfect for your next romantic date?.

    Of course, we’re all busy and work and family demands are ever-present. But if you really need to keep an eye on your email while you’re on a date or meeting someone new, just say so, but try to keep it to a minimum.

    Texting Etiquette:
    In any new relationship, figuring out the flow of conversation through texts can be tricky, and we all worry about trying not to come across as desperate.

    • Abandon all myths: Those antiquated rules about waiting three days to message or call need to be thrown out the window. You know what you want and you need to go out there and get it. Don’t come off too aggressive or desperate, but feel free to message the next day to say that you enjoyed yourself.
    • Keep in contact, but don’t overdo it: Maybe your cub wants to text all hours of the day, but if you’re busy with work and can only respond once or twice, set those boundaries early. Let him know that you spend much of your day in meetings or with clients and that, as much as you like hearing from him, you can’t be distracted.


    Initiating a sexy conversation with your new cub or someone you just met on Cougar Life can liven up the conversation and give you both a glimpse into what sex with them would be like. Just remember to treat it like foreplay by starting slow.

    Gauge how they’re reacting, and make your messages about how good you want to make them feel and those sexy scenes playing out in your head.

    Bottom line? Be aware of how often you’re pulling out your phone, watch to see how your texts are being received, and remember that sometimes keeping it in your pocket or purse is the best option!.

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