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Up Your Game with These Fresh Date Ideas

    At Cougar Life, we’re always thinking about how to help our members make every date one to remember.

    If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a traditional dinner and a movie, we’ve got a few Cougar-approved suggestions to take your date to the next level.

    First Date

    Our best advice for wowing a confident Cougar? Don’t over-plan, make sure to ask them questions about themselves, be yourself, relax, and have fun!

    If you arranged your date through Cougar Life, revisit their profile to show you paid attention and have a genuine interest in getting to know more about them. If they mention skydiving as a hobby on their profile, ask them to tell you more when you first meet or speak on the phone.

    Try one of these surefire date ideas to take the pressure off and ensure you both have fun.

    Plan a bike ride or casual city stroll
    Studies show that getting active helps break the ice and promotes bonding. So, if your Cougar is sporty, suggest a short bike ride or a casual city stroll and some patio time for a freewheeling, casual date.

    Feed the ducks at the park & have a park bench lunch.
    If the bike ride or walk is going well, this could even be an extension of your day together—but it also makes for a great standalone date.

    Bring gourmet coffees and some bread or crackers to feed the ducks, just stay away from the swans—they can be vicious! Or if you’re a naturally caring guy, showcase your charm by packing a gourmet lunch with all the fixings and meet your Cougar at the local park.

    Dance lessons
    If you’re hoping to pull your date close, share intimate moments, and have a laugh in the process, a dance class is the way to go. Whether you’re both seasoned pros or have two left feet, a dance class is an effective way to see if you have the right chemistry together.

    Art Class
    An art class or painting session is another fun activity that’s a bit less full-contact if you’re not quite ready to tango just yet.

    Get-a-Little-Closer Date

    Ready to get more intimate?

    • Couple’s massage
      Few things are more relaxing than a massage, and a couple’s massage is a great way to spend quality time finding your bliss—together.
    • Love wine? Make some
      Make a batch of wine together and then plan another fun (and maybe low-key) date for later in the month when it’s ready to be picked up, sampling the fermented fruits of your labour.Another fun idea is to visit a local winery for a tasting tour and maybe even a romantic harvest wagon ride under the stars.
    • Picnic
      If the weather permits, grab a picnic basket filled with wine and snacks, set up a blanket in the grass, and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors. If you’re buried under snow in the Northeast, or it’s cold where you are, get creative with an indoor picnic. This could be a blanket fort set up with rose petals and candles—bonus points if it’s in front of a fireplace in a weekend getaway cabin!

    Low-key Date

    When you’re both so busy it can feel like a lot of work to plan a lavish date, but with some consideration even a night in can be super romantic.

    • Throw rose petals on the bed
    • Break out those scented massage oils and pamper her
    • Make a surprise candle-lit dinner for two
    • Draw up a bubble bath for two
    • Lavish her with chocolate and a foot massage

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