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Sexy Selfies and How to Take Them

    When you’re browsing for a partner on Cougar Life you want to make sure that you put your best face forward with a great profile picture. Luckily, everyone carries cameras in their pocket or purse, so getting that shot just requires knowing how to properly set up your photo.  

    We’ve talked about setting up the perfect profile before, but snapping that perfect picture can be the most stressful part of setting up your profile. Whether you decide to snap yourself doing an activity you love (e.g., dancing, mountain climbing, or pottery), a selfie, or something a little sexier, you want to make sure that everything in the image is working for you.

    According to the Daily Mail, activity-based, outdoorsy photos get the most messages for men (up to 19% more), but those bathroom selfies actually end up getting them 8% fewer messages. So, dudes, put on a shirt and get outside!

    While women’s selfies are 4% more likely to get messages than other types of photos, indoor pics can get them 60% more messages. Maybe there is something to getting that perfectly casual selfie after all.

    Location! Location! Location!

    Don’t just start snapping away, consciously think about and clean up the areas behind you. A dirty space behind you distracts from an otherwise sexy snap, so put laundry away and move those dirty dishes back to the kitchen!

    As for location, there’s something so effortlessly casual about a morning selfie, just laying in bed with the sun shining in. We suggest lengthwise shots on a made bed that can be as sexy or PG as you want them to be. Also consider the simplicity of an outdoor shot, whether it’s in the backyard or caught during your adventures around the city.

    Play a role

    Embrace how beautiful you feel when you’re in your sexiest outfit and let that shine through in your photo. Dress for the attitude you want to convey and it’ll act as a confidence boost.

    Also consider snapping some sexy selfies that you can save for when the mood arises to share with your new beau. According to UK-based DrEd, a total of 36% of women send sexts to a new or casual partner, and 61% of those who sext daily say they are very satisfied with their sex life.

    Lights, camera, angle!

    Whether you’re inside or out, face the light so that your face is lit up. Shadows are no one’s friend.

    As for the angle of your face and body, do some experimenting. Famous celebrities swear by certain angles, Kim Kardashian may choose the “chin low, camera up” angle, but play around in the mirror to really know what works for you and your pictures will look as polished as Kim’s.

    Don’t stop once you’ve snapped

    There’s a reason that Snapchat took off so fast, and it’s because filters can be a woman’s best friend. Whether it’s the flower wreath or the dog, those filters make everyone’s skin look flawless.

    But you don’t need Snapchat to turn your photos into works of art. Play around with other photo editing apps to add colours, filters, or a crop that will turn a good picture into a great one.

    Be careful out there

    Research from DrEd found that 7% of American men and 7% of American women have had their nude photos shared without their consent. In Europe, however, that number went up to 19% for men and 15% for women.

    If you’re sharing sexy selfies with someone you don’t fully trust, omit or edit out identifiable features such as unique tattoos, birthmarks, or even your face.

    While selfies can boost your Cougar Life profile, don’t take them too seriously. Have fun with them to boost your confidence and share your fun, sexy side.

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